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If a student is terminated or cancels enrollment for any reason, the following refund policy will apply. A student may request cancellation in any manner: email, mail, or in-person methods are preferred.


Enrollment Cancellation:

  • All monies will be refunded if the Academy does not accept the applicant or if the student cancels within five (5) working days after signing the enrollment agreement and making the initial payment.
  • Cancellation after the fifth (5th) business day, but before the first class, results in a refund of all monies paid, except for the registration fee. QnS Academy provides additional consideration for students that have had extenuating circumstances, such as student illness or accident, death in the family, or other circumstances beyond students’ control.


  • A student may withdraw from one or more courses during a term and not be withdrawn from the Academy if the student is attending at least one course within the term or has registered for a course in a subsequent term within 30 days from the last scheduled date of the term. A student who withdraws from all of his or her courses in a term will be responsible for any charges that may accrue on their account due to the withdrawal.
  • Cancellation after attendance has begun, through 40% completion of the program will result in a Pro Rata refund computed on the number of hours completed to the total program hours.
  • Cancellation after completing more than 40% of the program will result in no refund.
  • The refund is calculated based on the postmarked date that a student’s cancellation is received by the Academy.
  • Refund payments will be made within 30 days of termination of students’ enrollment or receipt of the refund request.

Other Circumstances:

  • Applicants denied admissions by the Academy are entitled to a refund of all money paid except for non-refundable registration fees, after the allowable five working days.
  • If the student or the Academy cancels this agreement the rules for cancellation and refund above will apply.
  • If for unseen reasons the Academy no longer shall offer instruction or is permanently closed, the Academy is at its option to:

o   Provide a full refund of all monies paid.

o   Provide for completion of the course.

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