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Shaykh Mahmudul Hasan Al-Azhari

Director 5 /5 ( 2 Reviews )

His teaching domains are: Hadiths and Arabic Language

Shaykh Mahmudul Hasan, a contemporary celebrated Islamic scholar is a renowned member of the Board of Directors of Qns Academy, London. He has an amazing academic career, enchanting teaching background and a magnetic personality.

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Academic Background

He achieved his BA and MA from Chittagong University and Licentiate Degree from Al-Ajhar University, Diploma on Arabic from Cairo University, Egypt and another MA from Loughborough University. He currently pursuing his Doctoral studies from Institute of Education, UK.

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Skills and Aptitudes

He is the Khateeb and the Principal of Essex Jamme Masjid,UK and one of the directors of TV One UK. He was a Lecturer in the Department of Dawah and Islamic Studies of International Islamic University Chittagong and an Assistant Professor of Chittagong University.

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He is an expert in Islamic Shariah, Hadiths, Tafseer and Arabic Language.

Reviews (2)

Shaykh Mahmudul Hasan Al-Azhari


Very impressive content.

Shaykh Mahmudul Hasan Al-Azhari


Good Course

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