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Tajweedul Quran for Sisters

Tajweed literally means to make something beautiful. Technically Tajweedul Quran means to make the recitation of the holy Quran better by pronouncing its letters, words and verses properly and perfectly as per the requirements. It denotes to recite the Quran abiding by a set of rules to achieve skill for good pronunciation of the verses of the Quran with melodious and appropriate voice. We know that very little change in pronunciation can bring the total change of the meaning of the verse. Hence, QnS has launched this course Tajweedul Quran to make learners well equipped with the recitation of the Quran properly.

Course Description

To complete the course in Tajweedul Quran requires 2 years or 6 levels. A learner will sit for at least 2 verbal and written exams to monitor his/her progression in each and every level. Each level consists of 12 weeks; it means there would be 3 levels per year.

The assessment will include both summative and formative through assessing individually, peer assessment, end of a lesson, end of a Unit, mid or end of every term.

The two years course will combine Tajweed rules, their implementations through normal recitation and memorization of some particular surahs.

Course Outcomes

  • To enrich learners with the correct recitation of the Qur'an so they can attain confidence in praying Allah the Almighty.
  • To strengthen bond between the learners and Allah’s Book by reciting the Quran with full devotion.
  • To make the learners familiar with Qur'aanic pronunciation skills and the basic rules of Tajweed, theoretically and practically.
  • To enable students to correctly recite some essential surahs or parts of al-Qur’aan,
  • To enable students to memorize some surahs.
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12 Lessons

Course Duration

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7:30 PM- 9:30 Pm (BD time)

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This course includes:

  • Duration 24H
  • Skill Level One
  • Lectures 12 lessons
  • Enrolled 1373 students
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full lifetime access

Course Curriculum


Teaching fields: Ijaazatul Quran


Teaching Subjects: Tajweed, Ijaazah

Ustazah Rafia Khan is a senior teacher at QnS Academy London. She is expert in Tajweedul Quran. She has achieved Ijaazah from authentic authority to teach Tajweedul Quran.


Teaching Arena: Tajweedul Quran

Ustazah Hafsa Begum is one of the most eminent teachers at QnS Academy London. She has shown her expertness in teaching Tajweedul Quran and earned familiarity among learners.


Teaching Subject: Tajweedul Qur’an.

Nazmun Nahar has already achieved her unparalleled reputation in teaching Tajweedul Quran for her own special teaching methodology. Being trained up from several experts and institutions, she has been successfully imparting specialized knowledge in related field.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Lecture Series is for anyone seeking to learn more about Tajwidul Quran.
They should know the alphabet of Arabic.
The learners should know how to read Qur’an.
If needed.
The Class will be recorded.
Yes! If you have any questions before, during the course.

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