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Quranic Grammar

We know Al- Quran was revealed in Arabic language and Arabic is such a language which contains a vast concept of Syntax(Nahw), Morphology (Sarf) and Eloquence (Balagah). While dealing with these grammatical aspects, we never ignore four language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course will certainly make a learner well equipped to understand Al-Quran fully with proficiency in Arabic language.

Course Description

Grammar is always boring and monotonous. Rules after rules bring dull feelings to the learners. Our approaches will be enjoyable and exciting through living examples from the Holy Quran. We will engage the learners in Quranic verses to discover the sleeping grammatical contents by anatomizing the structure and through analytical interpretation of the Quranic vocabulary. Our ultimate objective is to develop a learner’s four basic language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

QnS has selected some of those basic grammatical contents that have direct functions in the Al-Quran. Having the course with 3 levels covering almost 36 lessons, the participants will be enriched with articulating these rules and they will be able to understand the real messages of Al-Qur’an, in’sha’Allah.

Course Outcomes

  • To penetrate into Al-Quran’s linguistic structure so that one can understand Al-Quran by himself.
  • To understand the meaning of Al-Quran fully based on grammatical rules.
  • To acquire basic language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • To be motivated to read, learn, love and live with Al-Quran.
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12 Lessons

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4pm-6pm (UK time)

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This course includes:

  • Duration 24H
  • Skill Level One
  • Lectures 12 lessons
  • Enrolled 956 students
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full lifetime access

Course Curriculum

Right Arrow Icon 1 Importance of the Arabic Language
00:24:00 Preview
Right Arrow Icon 2 Study plan
00:03:38 Preview
Right Arrow Icon 3 Syllabus
00:12:33 Preview
Right Arrow Icon 4 Linguistic Equations2
00:08:53 Preview
Right Arrow Icon 5 Nesting if-else
3H Preview
Right Arrow Icon 6 Orientation class pdf
1 Nature of Arabic Language (part one)
1 h
2 Nature of Arabic Language (part two)
1 Ma’rifah, nakirah and Muzakkar, Muannas
1 Singular, dual, plural and use of dhamayir 1
2 Singular, dual, plural and use of dhamayir 2
1 Arabic sentences
Right Arrow Icon 2 What is Web Development
5H Preview
1 if-else for programming handling Conditions
Right Arrow Icon 2 Nesting if-else
3H Preview
3 All about loops (for,while,do-while)
1. Orientation class pdf


Dr. Azadi, a renowned personality in the contemporary Islamic arena is the founder of QnS Academy London. He is a reputed Islamic scholar, speaker and writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is for anyone seeking to learn Al-Quran and its meaning.
The learners should know aspects of Arabic Grammar like Jumlah Ismiyyah, details on Mubtada and Khabar, Ma’rifah Nakirah, Muzakkar & muannas, Mufrad Musanna and Jam’, Adjectives, Idhafah, Huruf Mushabbah bil feil Arabic Numbers, Structure of Jumlah feiliyyah, patterns of verbs, type of verbs, mabni lil majhool, Haal. Kaana and its sisters
They should know the root pattern of Arabic words, Dhamair and their patterns, Jamid, Type of Masdar & Mushtaq, some aspects of Mushtaqqat, Mawazeen of maadhi, mudharei’ and their patterns, Ismul faeilm and ismul mafool.
Yes! If you have any questions before, during the course.
The class will be recorded.
Yes! terms and conditions should apply.

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