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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

Nothing will rectify the last part of this Ummah except that which rectified its first part, i.e. the Qur’an and the Sunnah.
Imam Malik (rahimahullah)- reported by Ibn ‘AbdulHādi,
in Tanqih at-Tahqiq 2/423


QnS Academy envisions to:

  • Disseminate authentic Islamic education through teaching, lecturing, research and publications
  • Enrich students with necessary skills to enable them to develop critical and analytical abilities underpinned with ethical values
  • Prepare students to comprehend and respond to the contemporary challenges posed by modern, multi-cultural and pluralist societies both within and outside the Muslim communities
  • Build bridges between faiths, cultures, and civilizations
  • Promote Qur’an and Sunnah at the centre of education, so the learners would be motivated to follow them in every sphere of life.

Executive Board

QnS Academy is fortunate to have some excellent teachers, dedicated academics, and talented staff who act as mentors, offer proper guidance, and support the Academy to ensure the best quality of education for the learners’ community. The Academy is currently led by a competent team of Directors including Dr Abdus Salam Azadi, Shaykh Abdur Rahman Madani, and Shaykh Mahmudul Hasan. Along with the management, able faculty and staff members, led by Shaykh Abu Taher and Shaykh Nasrullah, the team is working relentlessly to present the beautiful messages of Islam to the hearts of Muslim learners in a very innovative, understandable and accessible way.

About QnS Academy London

QnS is the contraction of ‘Qur’an and Sunnah’, the two principal sources of Islamic knowledge and intelligence. QnS Academy London is established to facilitate Muslim communities with authentic knowledge of Islam and to prepare them spiritually and intellectually for future leadership. Driven by its vision to become a premier Islamic education and research institute, QnS Academy aims to contribute to the development of scholars who will have a broader, deeper and critical understanding of Islam in the modern contemporary context. These scholars would be better equipped to act as a bridge between Muslim and other communities and to make positive contributions in addressing current and emerging challenges of contemporary societies.

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208-214 Romford Road, London E7 9HY.

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